Past Contests

Prize Pool:
0.03 BTC ($1000)


2021 NFL Playoffs Bracket [0.03 BTC Prize]

2021 NFL Playoffs
Free Bracket

Jan 12 2021

Prize Pool:
0.05 BTC ($540)


2020 MLB Postseason– Free Bracket [0.05 BTC Prize Pool]

2020 MLB Postseason

Sep 28 2020

Prize Pool:
0.05 BTC ($550)


NBA Playoffs Bracket – Rookie [0.05 BTC Prize Pool]

2020 NBA Playoffs
Rookie Bracket

Aug 13 2020

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About Nitro Brackets

There’s nothing quite like March Madness. It’s arguably the greatest playoffs in all of the sports. Its appeal has a lot to do with the format. Over 60 of the best college basketball teams in the nation engage in a seemingly endless stream of knockout games, with one left standing by the end of grueling and heart-stopping rounds.

Nitro Brackets isn’t just limited to college basketball, however. We’re also taking it in different directions outside of the college basketball sphere. Expect sports betting brackets for other events and leagues as well.

Nitro Brackets functions just like most other betting brackets, where winners of each matchup advance to the next round until only one is left standing. The more correct predictions you get, the higher the chances of getting the biggest share of the Bitcoin prize pool. So, put your best bracket bets in, and cheer for your selections!