Get Amped Up for the Return of Nitrogen Sports NFL Survivor Pools this 2021

    After the trying year that was 2020, the 2021 NFL season should bring back some normalcy to the league with the inevitable return of live crowds in attendance and adhering to the regular-season schedule’s intended slate. That being said, we here at Nitrogen Sports are also pleased to announce the return of our well-renowned NFL Survivor Pools contests.

    Similar to previous years, our Nitro NFL Survivor Pools will roll out several pools with various buy-ins and prizes for the ultimate winner(s) which will cater to any and all of our registered users.

    How to Play NFL Survivor

    How to Play NFL Survivor
    One doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to find success in our Nitrogen Sports NFL Survivor Pools contests. 

    Contestants simply need to pick one team that will surely win on a given week. If the selected team does indeed win for the week, that player will advance to the next week of the regular season. However, once a team has been chosen in previous weeks, that team can no longer be picked in succeeding weeks of action. This makes NFL Survivor contests all the more strategic than your typical weekly wagers on the usual betting lines.

    For example: If a player picks the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to beat the Dallas Cowboys in Week 1 and the Bucs do end up winning that game, that player can no longer select Tampa Bay as a survivor pick for the remainder of his/her survivor run.

    The thrill of NFL Survivor comes in the more in-depth strategies and research that a player must consider in order to last until Week 18 of the regular season. Team trends, injuries, matchups, and strength-of-schedule are just a few factors to take into account in order to succeed in our Nitrogen Sports NFL Survivor Pools on a weekly basis.

    Do note that players must lock in their picks for the week prior to that week’s imposed deadline and that all picks made for the given week are final once a Survivor Pool pick has been submitted. As such, be sure to choose wisely and submit your entries ahead of time for the optimal Nitrogen NFL Survivor Pool experience!


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    More Information on the 2021 Nitrogen Sports NFL Survivor Pools


    • The 2021 Nitrogen Sports NFL Survivor Pools will be open for registration soon.
    • There are nine (9) different public pools of varying buy-in requirements. Multiple buy-ins are allowed for all Survivor Pools except for the free Survivor Pool.
    • Outside of the nine public NFL Survivor Pools, a number of private Survivor Pools will also potentially be hosted leading up to the NFL season. Be sure to check Nitrogen Sports’ social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Bitcoin Talk to receive an invite into one of these “secret” pools for even more chances of winning!
    • Players can also qualify for a Survivor Pool from other Nitrogen Sports events, such as Nitro Poker, Nitro Sportsbook, and other promotions on social media as mentioned earlier. With 2.288 BTC (~$90,000 BTC)in total prizes to be won this year, players will surely want to get in on as much action from Nitrogen Sports for even more Survivor Pool entries to try and take the lion’s share of the massive prize pool!
    • Players should also be informed that Nitrogen Sports does not get a cut from any and all entries winnings from the NFL Survivor Pools. The house will not rake in any Bitcoin from its Survivor Pool participants. That being said, Nitrogen Sports encourages players to rake in huge winnings against their competition in as many Survivor Pools instead!

    More details will be available about the 2021 NFL Survivor Pools in the coming weeks, so be sure to tune in to our Nitrogen Sports Blog for updates. Meanwhile, feel free to browse our NFL betting guide to get yourself geared up for your Nitrogen Sports Survivor Pool picks as early as now.

    Can’t get enough of these NFL Survivor Pools? We have more! We have more in store. Keep checking out Nitrogen Sports Blog for the latest updates on promos, contests, and announcements.
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