Get Ready For The Return Of NFL Survivor Pools At Nitrogen Sports This 2020

    Everybody’s excited about the 2020 NFL season. Who isn’t? But allow us to add another reason to be pumped up for football, with another round of NFL Survivor Pools.

    Like in the past few years, Nitrogen Sports will be opening multiple NFL Survivor Pools this 2020, each with different buy-in requirements and prizes for the winner/s.

    Nitrogen NFL Survivor Pools are easy to play and require minimal knowledge and attention to be enjoyed. The goal is to pick a team each week and hope it wins its respective game to advance. Once picked, a team can no longer be selected in any of the succeeding weeks, so players will have to be careful in plotting their strategies.

    We’ll have details about the 2020 NFL Survivor Pools available in the next several weeks, so keep checking out Nitrogen Sports Blog for any related announcements. In the meantime, brush up on your sports betting skills with our NFL betting guide.

    What to know about NFL Survivor Pool

    • The 2019 Nitrogen Sports NFL Survivor Pool will be launched on August 1, 2019. Each participating player will have to choose one from the nine (9) available pools he or she wants to join. There are nine (9) buy-in NFL Survivor Pools, each with a buy-in amount ranging from free to $10,000. Other than the free Survivor Pool, all NFL Survivor Pools can accommodate multiple buy-ins.
    • Browse the pools and choose your preferred one. Once you’re in, pick a team you think will win each week. You are only allowed to pick a particular team once for the duration of the 2019 NFL regular season.If you selected the New England Patriots to win in Week 1 against the Pittsburgh Steelers, you can never pick Tom Brady and company again in any other coming week.
    • A correct pick means that you are qualified to move on to the next week. If your New England Patriots pick in Week 1 wins, then you have to make a new selection in Week 2. This process continues until your pick loses.
    • As with any other contests or competition, having a strategy will help you a lot in winning our 2019 NFL Survivor Pool. Finding the right matchups to exploit, knowing every team’s strength of schedule, being updated on the latest injuries, roster adjustments, and trends will all help in your decision-making. But in case you don’t want to delve into such analytical depths, well, there’s always the hope that Lady Luck will smile on you.

    If you’ve played Nitrogen NFL Survivor Pool in 2018, you’ve probably heard of secret pools -- exclusive non-public pools which we will be hosting once again this year. We know you want to reserve your seat in one of these pools, so keep checking out Nitrogen Sports’ Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts plus our blog for updates.


    UPDATE: Here are the secret pools that are now available for players to join:

    It’s important to remember that the deadline for joining a buy-in pool is on September 9, 2019 at exactly 10:19 PM EST. If you have time, it would be a wise decision to join a pool now.