Get Ready For The Return Of NFL Survivor Pools At Nitrogen Sports This 2020

    2020 has been quite a year for everyone, but the new NFL season is just around the corner to give us all a break. To celebrate the new football season, Nitrogen Sports is returning with the 2020 edition of our NFL Survivor Pools.

    Just like in previous years, Nitrogen Sports will launch several NFL Survivor Pools this 2020, each with various buy-in options and prizes to be won for each pool’s winner(s).

    With over 11 BTC or over $100,000 in prizes, Nitrogen Sports 2020 NFL Survivor Pool is the largest and richest Bitcoin contest of its kind!

    How to Play NFL Survivor

    You don’t need to be a stat fiend or an all-knowing football fan at all to win in Nitrogen’s NFL Survivor Pools. The goal is simple: each week during the regular season, a player picks any one team that he/she predicts will surely win.

    Once a team has been picked by that player, he/she can no longer pick that team in the following weeks, and that’s where the season-long strategy of an NFL Survivor Pool resides.

    For example: if a player picks the Kansas City Chiefs to beat the Houston Texans in Week 1 and Kansas City does win, the player advances to the next week but can no longer select the Chiefs for the rest of the season.

    The strategic element of making weekly picks is what makes the journey towards winning huge amounts of Bitcoin from NFL Survivor all the more satisfying. Players have to take into account other factors other than a very favorable matchup for a given team. Injuries, trends, and strength of the remaining schedule are just some of those key factors that also have to be considered before locking in a pick on any given week.

    Be informed beforehand that the deadlines to lock-in your pick may vary from week-to-week, so it’s better to avoid making picks at the last minute. And once a pick has been made for the week, it’s locked in as a final submission for that week. Choose wisely!


    Take part in the biggest Bitcoin NFL Survivor Pool this 2020, with over 11 BTC in total prizes up for grabs!



    More Information on the 2020 Nitrogen Sports NFL Survivor Pools


    • The 2020 Nitrogen Sports NFL Survivor Pools will be open for registration on August 1, 2020. There are nine different pools of varying buy-in requirements; from free to $10,000. Multiple buy-ins are allowed for all Survivor Pools except for the free Survivor Pool.
    • Outside of the nine (9) public NFL Survivor Pools, 13 private Survivor Pools will also potentially be hosted leading up to the NFL season. Be sure to check Nitrogen Sports’ social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Bitcoin Talk to receive an invite into one of these “secret” pools for even more chances of winning!
    • Players can also qualify for a Survivor Pool from other Nitrogen Sports events, such as Nitro Poker, Nitro Sportsbook, and other promotions on social media as mentioned earlier. With 11.3 BTC (over ~$100,000) in total prizes to be won this year, players will surely want to get in on as much action from Nitrogen Sports for even more Survivor Pool entries to try and take the lion’s share of the massive prize pool!
    • Players should also be informed that Nitrogen Sports does not get a cut from any and all entries winnings from the NFL Survivor Pools. The house will not rake in any Bitcoin from its Survivor Pool participants. That being said, Nitrogen Sports encourages players to rake in huge winnings against their competition in as many Survivor Pools instead!

    More details will be available about the 2020 NFL Survivor Pools in the coming weeks, so be sure to tune in to our Nitrogen Sports Blog for updates. Meanwhile, feel free to browse our NFL betting guide to get yourself geared up for your Nitrogen Sports Survivor Pool picks as early as now.

    Can’t get enough of these NFL Survivor Pools? We have more! Click on each link below to learn how to join these not-so-secret NFL Survivor Pools:


    What to know about NFL Survivor Pool

    • The 2020 Nitrogen Sports NFL Survivor Pool will be launched on August 1, 2020. Each participating player will have to choose one from the nine (9) available pools he or she wants to join.
    • There are nine (9) buy-in NFL Survivor Pools, each with a buy-in amount ranging from free to $10,000. Other than the free Survivor Pool, all NFL Survivor Pools can accommodate multiple buy-ins.
    • Browse the pools and choose your preferred one. Once you’re in, pick a team you think will win each week. You are only allowed to pick a particular team once for the duration of the 2020 NFL regular season. If you selected the Kansas City Chiefs to win in Week 1 against the Houston Texans, you can never pick Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs again in any other coming week.
    • A correct pick means that you are qualified to move on to the next week. If your Kansas City Chiefs pick in Week 1 wins, then you have to make a new selection in Week 2. This process continues until your pick loses.
    • As with any other contests or competition, having a strategy will help you a lot in winning our 2020 NFL Survivor Pool. Finding the right matchups to exploit, knowing every team’s strength of schedule, being updated on the latest injuries, roster adjustments, and trends will all help in your decision-making. But in case you don’t want to delve into such analytical depths, well, there’s always the hope that Lady Luck will smile on you.
    Don’t miss out on the latest NFL news and previews along with the freshest contests and promos by checking out Nitrogen Sports Blog’s NFL Hub, your go-to place for everything football.  
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