Betting on Edges in Esports

Esports Betting on Edges

Betting edges on esports isn’t all that different to betting edges on traditional sports, save a few differences. You can certainly apply traditional sports knowledge to guide you through betting edges on esports. However, there are a few elements unique to esports betting that can help bring out an edge in your favor – all it takes is a bit of research and knowing how to react to shifts in momentum.

Betting on edges after player substitutions

Player reserves in esports are still rare since teams typically dedicate most of their effort in developing their core players. But just like with traditionals sports, anything can happen, resulting in a player having to pull out of an event.

Since teams pick their players from different regions, it’s not unusual to encounter travel concerns. In fact, there have been teams to pull out from huge esports tournaments or matches due to visa issues.

The Overwatch League is familiar with this dilemma. Players weren’t able to travel on time, which affected the team’s entire player rotation. During the Overwatch League preseason, the Philadelphia Fusion pulled out from their preseason games due to players unable to secure their visas on time.

Recently, Boston Uprising’s support player Neko is out of the first All-Star Weekend event due to to receiving his visa late.

Although it seems unfortunate for the players to not be able to compete, this is when you, as a bettor, should sit up and take notice. When news like this breaks, find a way to use it to your advantage.

When a sub is required, teams without reserves tend to look for pro players who aren’t signed with a team to fill the empty seat as a temporary stand-in until their core player returns. Consider how the addition of the substitute player could affect the team’s performance. The stand-in player will eventually cycle-out, so plan your wagers accordingly when betting on edges. It’s obviously beneficial to know when a team is back in top form.

Betting on matches after a patch drops

This is probably the biggest difference between other sports and esports. Competitive games are updated regularly by the developers to keep things fresh and enjoyable for the overall community. This results in changes to certain content in the game which could affect a team’s performance.

As an esports bettor, game patches act as a signal: even top teams are prone to struggle and adjust temporarily in the event of a game feature change.

On the other hand, surprises are much more likely in periods of patch turmoil. Imagine a player who prefers specific heroes in Dota 2, and imagine those heroes are hit hard with a series of nerfs (reducing the potency of in-game attributes). How will the player perform in the next tournament?

These are the details you should consider to earn your edge. When a patch occurs, pinpoint if the changes can affect a single player, or the team as a whole.

Patches are usually after big tournaments, but sudden hotfixes without prior announcement can happen. New content can also affect the game’s meta, so watch out for any change – big or small.

Drastic changes to a team’s roster

There are times when an organization needs to drastically shake up one of their teams, much like how a basketball team decides to suffer through a rebuild for long-term gain.

But unlike in the NBA, esports organizations can demolish entire teams in a very short span. When that happens, it signals that either the brand will no longer compete in that particular esport, or they’re going to subject themselves to a retool.

Take note: in this scenario pro esports players are now available and can be signed to join other teams, or they could branch off to create their own teams out of the blue.

A newly-formed team can either mean an opportunity for a wildcard, or a period of struggle/easy pickens’ for the competition. Like how EG in Dota 2 dropped Rasmus “MISERY” Filipsen and Clinton “Fear” Loomis after sitting outside the top eight teams in the 2017-2018 Dota Pro Circuit, and taking last place at ESL One Birmingham 2018. Gustav “s4” Magnusson and Tal “Fly” Aizik from OG, joined the remaining 3 EG players, and the organization – based on each individual player’s skill – was widely expected to form one of Dota’s super teams.

Everyone was expecting them to dominate in their debut tournament, but they proved lackluster at best. Esports bettors who predicted a poor performance during their debut tournament reaped the benefits as most odds favored the new EG team.

Evaluate if the changes due to roster shuffles are an opportunity for a big payout. If you’re able to take note regarding team performances and rost change rumors, you can jump ahead of it and adjust your wagers to get the edge you need.

When it comes to bitcoin betting in esports, things can change at the drop of a hat. But with a bit of turmoil, opportunity arises. Do you think your knowledge of the game gives you an edge? Put it to the test by placing a wager at Nitrogen Sports today!