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Nitrogen Slots

Nitrogen Sports is excited to announce the launch of NITROGEN SLOTS, the latest addition to our bitcoin casino platform.

We’re launching our boxing-themed slots game just in time for the most anticipated fight of the year: MCGREGOR vs. MAYWEATHER.

Hit HUGE MULTIPLIERS and spin your way to glory with Bitcoin-only slots presented by the world’s top Bitcoin Sportsbook and Casino, Nitrogen Sports!

but before we jump into action, check our casino guide published on the blog for strategies, tips, and basic rules you need to know.

Here’s How to Play:


  1. On Nitrogen Sports homepage, click Casino. Then among the different casino games, choose SLOTS.
  2. Load your credits before playing. Do this by clicking the Bitcoin “B” button at the upper right corner of the page
  3. Use the slider to load as many credits you like. Once decided, press confirm.
  4. You should see your ‘Slot Balance’ on the right. To start playing slots, click ‘X’.
  5. Adjust your desired betting amount using the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons under the word BET.
  6. Spin using one spin per pull (the big arrows button) or AUTOSPIN without stopping (the smaller play button).
  7. To see your spin history and to test the spins using PROVABLY FAIR, find the ‘Provably Fair’ icon at the top left corner of the screen.
  8. For GAME INFO including a pay table, paylines, and rules, find the ‘Information’ icon on the lower left area of the screen.
  9. To change currency formats (BTC to mBTC) or effects and sounds, find the ‘Gear’ icon on the lower left area of the screen.

Play Slots At Nitrogen Sports

Nitrogen Slots Rules


  • Three scatter symbols can appear on any positions and out of sequence to count as a
  • Wild symbols serve as substitutes for any other symbol that is not wild or scatter and will always represent the symbol generating the highest win for the player.
  • Wild symbols with multipliers (2x & 4x) will multiply the win by the specified amount.
  • Game payout and win combinations are paid out according to the ‘Pay Table’.
  • Symbols are counted from left to right on your screen.
  • Symbols must appear in sequence, on a payline, and in a combination according to the
    ‘Pay Table’ to count as a win. The only exceptions are specified scatter symbols.
  • Only the highest win per payline is paid out.
  • In the event of a game malfunction all affected bets are rendered void and stakes



1. How do I play?
For rules on how to understand and enjoy slots, please see the ‘Gameplay’ section above.

2. How do I deposit my BTC to slots?
Once you have opened the game, select either the round BTC icon near the top right of your screen or the ‘Cashier’ tab on the in-game menu. Use the slider to adjust the amount of BTC you would like to add to your in-game balance OR type in the amount of BTC you would like to add and select ‘Confirm’.

3. Am I able to turn off the sound?
Of course! Just go to your ‘Settings’ tab and switch to ‘FX Only’ or ‘Off’ options. You can also toggle the speaker icon in the lower left corner of your screen.

4. These spins are taking too long and I want to play quickly, can I turn off animations?
Not entirely, but under ‘Settings’ you can select ‘Quick Stop’. This helps limit the spin time and will speed up your pace of play.

5. What is the difference between the small ‘play’ button and large ‘spin’ button?
Selecting the large ‘spin’ button allows you to spin once. The spin symbol will change to a ‘stop’ one as soon as the spin is underway – you can select ‘stop’ at any time to abbreviate the spin. The smaller ‘play’ button is an ‘auto spinner’ – once selected, the spins will continue (win or lose) until you select the small ‘stop’ symbol on the same button. As with single spins, you can select the ‘stop’ symbol on the large button to abbreviate a spin, but please note that if ‘auto spin’ is selected, the spins will continue until you select ‘stop’ on the smaller icon.

6. Can I add more BTC in the middle of a game?
You are able to add more BTC to slots at any point through the ‘Cashier’ page, following the process outlined in FAQ #2.

7. Is there anywhere I can see a history of my spins?
Yes. Selecting the ‘scales’ icon at the top left of your screen will take you directly to your spin history which includes Provably Fair data. Under ‘Settings’ you can also select the ‘History’ tab to view the same information.

8. What is Provably Fair and how does it work for slots?
Provably Fair is an objective means of providing data that verifies the legitimacy of every spin you play. The tool is accessible through the ‘History’ tab under ‘Settings’. In order to verify your spins, you will first have to change/update the client seed. Go to the ‘Client Seed’ tab, select the red ‘Change’ button, enter your own seed of at least 8 characters then select ‘Ok’. Going back to your ‘History’ tab, you should now have a red ‘Verify’ button that you can select. The ‘Calculate’ button will let you know the result of your hand, fair or not. Please note that you will have to change your client seed before seeing the results of spins following your previous change.

9. I’m done playing, how do I cash out?
Cashouts are also done through the ‘Cashier’ tab. Select the red ‘Return’ button at the top right of your screen to have your slots balance sent back to your Nitrogen account.

10. My BTC hasn’t arrived in my Nitrogen account after cashing out; is something
Your BTC needs to be sent back to your Nitrogen account after you have played, and this process may, at times, take a couple of minutes to complete so don’t worry. If you haven’t received your funds after five or more minutes, please contact our support team for assistance through our ticketing system or [email protected]

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