Nitrogen Casino launches new online Bitcoin games this May

New Bitcoin Casino Games May 2020

Nitrogen Casino has delivered on its promise once again to add more games to its expanding collection. Less than a month since invigorating its library with a series of table and online slots games, Nitrogen Casino has launched a total of five new selections this week for players to enjoy and earn Bitcoin from.

On top of the list is the sparkling new American Roulette, an incredibly simple yet engaging casino game that’s a perfect complement to the previously released European Roulette. Whereas the European version has 37 pockets on the board, the American one has 38. This is because the latter has two pockets for zeroes (0 and 00), while the former only has one (0). But whichever roulette game you play, Nitrogen Casino guarantees you a fun way to pass the time and collect Bitcoins.

Nitrogen Casino American Roulette

The fun continues over at the online slots section of Nitrogen Casino, where a total of four new games have just been added: Pharaoh’s Gold, Rainbow Farm, Diamond Times, and Gold N Gems.

Pharaoh’s Gold plays out much easier than trying to encode hieroglyphics. It features nine winlines and offers chances to get free spins. Rainbow Farm lets players plant Bitcoin seeds in hopes of harvesting any of the nine winlines, including the coveted Diamond winline. Speaking of Diamonds, Diamond Times is another three-reel, nine-winline slots game for players to conquer. Nitrogen Casino players can find Gold N Gems the most intriguing of all the new slots games, as it comes with multiple reels format and a unique and progressive bonus game.


Nitrogen Casino is now updated with new casino games that adds more variety to your favorite games.


All told, Nitrogen Casino is now boasting a total of 21 table and slots games for players to choose from. The best part is that there are more games coming soon. Keep checking out Nitrogen Sports Blog for the latest news and announcements regarding new titles at Nitrogen Casino.

Raring to dive into these games? Create a new Nitrogen Sports account now if you don’t have one yet, and start winning precious Bitcoins at Nitrogen Casino. Also read our casino guide for more helpful information.

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