Featured Nitrogen Casino Game: Samurai Gold

Samurai Gold Slots

Not every battle in feudal-era Japan should be won via bloodshed. At Nitrogen Casino, you can now use your Bitcoins to start winning the online slots battles at Samurai Gold. Turn your very own luck into your weapon of choice as you try and pillage all the loot that you can from the picturesque landscapes of the Land of the Rising Slots.

Here’s a quick guide on everything you need to know about winning this new casino game courtesy of Nitrogen Sports Blog.

Why should you play it?

Players looking to unwind with a more laid-back theme for their reel-spinning action need to look no further than Samurai Gold. This variation of the classic three-reel slot with nine payout lines is simple as it is equally engaging over just a few spins of action. Sit back and relax instead with Samurai Gold’s soothing oriental soundtrack and start winning big from this quaint yet highly-entertaining title that many online slots aficionados have regarded as one of the best slots for beginners and experienced players alike.

How to play?

Set your preferred bet amount and coin value to start. Then, unsheathe your virtual sword to start slashing the slots’ odds and get those reels a-spinning.

Take your shot at hitting three-of-a-kind on the diamond payline to not only win the corresponding amount from that payline, but to also boost your multiplier reel’s value from x2 to x25. Also, be on the lookout for gold-bordered icons on the reels. Getting three-of-a-kind of these gold-bordered icons on the center payline (these icons don’t have to share the same image/value) will award the player with six free spins.


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Where to start

Begin your journey and adventure on the Oriental shores of online slots by simply signing up for a free Nitrogen Sports account now. Create your account to start winning Bitcoins from Samurai Gold at Nitrogen Casino this instant. And for more helpful betting tips, check out our casino guide right after this.

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