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Casino Game Preview Pompeii

Mount Vesuvius is about to erupt once more. But this time around, red hot Bitcoins are spewing out of its crater rather than molten-hot magma. It’s time to take a trip to Pompeii and reap the benefits that the gods of fortune have blessed upon this once downtrodden city of wise rulers and battle-tested gladiators.

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Why should you play it?

Fans of ancient Roman history will surely enjoy Pompeii Slots, from its icons depicting long-lost artifacts and paintings to its orchestral soundtrack that would make the pantheon of the gods proud. And despite being a five-reel slot with 20 possible payout lines, Pompeii Slots will still award a payout by matching just three identical icons on any viable payline. This means you have higher odds at winning without having to compromise your chances at the ultimate goal of hitting multiple five-reel wins.

How to play Pompeii online slots?

First off, don’t forget to set your preferred bet amount and coin value. Then, you’re now off to embark on a Bitcoin-scavenging quest that many who’ve recently visited Pompeii have considered as their most fruitful venture in ages.

Be on the lookout for the blue Pompeii coin icon, as this is the game’s wild card icon that will help you increase your odds at winning. And while winning from just three or four matching icons are good and all for simply boosting your win multiplier, the one discovery that you’ll want to unravel time and again is hitting that sweet five-reel victory.

Matching five icons on a payline will trigger the Wheel Bonus game. In this bonus round, players will get to spin the wheel to increase their current winning payout exponentially. And once those wins have paid out with a x5 multiplier, the Multiplier Wheel will then appear for a shot at increasing your multiple value from x5 to as much as x100! Be forewarned, though; any losing spin will reset your win multiplier back to x1, so tread carefully on that hot-streak lava you’re on.


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Where to start

Create your account to start earning Bitcoins from Pompeii at Nitrogen Casino right away. And for more tips and tricks to enhance your betting strategies, check out our casino guide right after this.

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