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Ancient Egypt continues to fascinate us to this day, thanks to the sprawling legacy it left behind. But recent excavations have also revealed that Pharaohs’ tombs don’t just keep jewelry and bars of gold — but also Bitcoins. Get ready to be blown away by the opulent lives of these ancient civilization monarchs, as we dig deep into history and collect Bitcoins along the way. Read on for an overview of Pharaoh’s Gold online slot game, presented by Nitrogen Sports Blog.

Why should you play it?

You don’t have to know how to read hieroglyphs to unlock the riches of ancient Egypt when playing Pharaoh’s Gold. In this three-reel online slot game, there are eight symbols of fortune entombed on the reels plus one eye symbol that acts as the WILD. The eye symbol is key to the vast amount of treasures of your kingdom, but even without it, Pharaoh’s Gold’s total of nine (9) standard winlines will provide you various paths to amassing more fortune. That includes the Diamond winline, which pays when you hit the holy grail of ancient Egyptian archeology by having a four-of-a-kind set.

How to play Pharaoh’s Gold online slot?

Before you spin those reels, you have to set the coin value, which you could do by clicking on the arrow found on the lower right side of your screen. Once you’re done setting that, you can head straight to spinning the reels and hope that you will hit any of the nine (9) winlines, none more lucrative than the aforementioned Diamond winline which has a multiplier of up to x25. Even if you come up just one symbol short of completing the four-of-a-kind Diamond winline, you will still be rewarded by nailing a three-of-a-kind.

And who said Pharaohs don’t give freebies?

If your spin ends up with three (3) golden edged symbols on the centerline, you’ll be receiving six (6) free spins. Each of those free spins is qualified for the standard multipliers. But take note that golden edge symbols and center winlines are not available during free spins.


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Where to start

Start excavating for ancient Bitcoins on Pharaoh’s Gold by creating a Nitrogen Sports account first. Setup your Nitrogen Sports account then try Pharaoh’s Gold and all the other offerings we have at Nitrogen Casino. Be sure to also check out our casino guide.

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