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Casino Game Preview Koi Fortunes

In some cultures, Koi are considered to represent good fortune, courage, success, and ambition. Here at Nitrogen Casino, Koi fishes also mean Bitcoins, Bitcoins, and more Bitcoins. Koi Fortunes is easy to play and rewards well, as you would find when you start spinning those reels. Nitrogen Sports Blog provides you a brief overview of this popular online slots casino game below.

Why should you play it?

They say Koi attract good luck, and it’s your turn to relish the fortune these popular pond creatures bring by playing Koi Fortunes at Nitrogen Casino. This five-reel slot game will let you swim in a sea of pay lines. In total, there are 20 standard pay lines in Koi Fortunes, each pays from left to right or right to left, with the highest win being the one that gets paid on every spin that results in at least one qualified pay line. Even spins ending in only three identical symbols along any type of pay lines are paid as well as those which come up just one identical symbol shy of a five-of-a-kind hit. Speaking of five-of-a-kinds, striking one would trigger any of three Wheel Bonus games, which we would discuss further later on.

How to play Koi Fortunes online slot?

Before the Koi bless you with good luck, you have to set the coin value first. Take note that the total bet is equivalent to the coins multiplied by coin value and lines. Pressing the spin button will have the reels spinning right away, as you watch for it to stop — hopefully in a manner in which identical symbols align according to any of the pay lines.

The most attractive pay lines are those that trigger the Wheel Bonuses. Each Wheel Bonus is set off when there’s a five-of-a-kind hit. Wheel Bonus 1 is triggered by any five-0f-a-kind spin made up from any of the three (3) lowest prizes on the award card. Wheel Bonus 2 is unlocked by five-of-a-kinds made up from any of the three (3) middle prizes. Lastly, Wheel Bonus 3 comes into the picture when a five-of-a-kind made up from any of the three (3) highest prizes on the award card appears.


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Where to start

To reel in cool Bitcoin winning from Koi Fortunes, you need a Nitrogen Sports account, which you can create in a snap here. There’s more games to play at Nitrogen Casino, so make sure to check them all out!

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