Featured Nitrogen Casino Game: Keno Vegas

Keno Vegas at Nitrogen Casino

Nitrogen Casino just got a facelift, with new slots added to its roster of games. In this Nitrogen Sports Blog piece, you will get to know more about one of those additions, Keno Vegas. It’s a number-based game that blends in elements of lottery with Las Vegas’ neon-lit skyline, providing the ambiance. With that said, welcome to Keno Vegas at Nitrogen Casino!

Why should you play it?

Players can find playing Keno Vegas very simple and straightforward. One thing about Keno Vegas is that it’s a game of pure luck. In other words, technical knowledge of numbers or anything scholarly does not influence the outcome of each Keno Vegas game. Adorned with an eclectic mix of neon lights and set against a skyline backdrop, Keno Vegas is a hypnotic and fun game that does not require much from players, while offering opportunities for them to win big Bitcoin prizes!

How to play Keno Vegas?

As mentioned above, Keno Vegas incorporates a key element of a lottery. You have likely seen how a lottery goes, and if you have, then you practically know how Keno Vegas works. In Keno Vegas, there are 80 grids, each containing unique numbers ranging from 1 to 80. You can choose anywhere between one to 15 grids, which will be your selection/s. The number of selections and the stake size, which you will also set before each game, will determine how much your potential winnings will be. The higher the stakes, the more you can win.

Once the stake is set and the selections have been made, you can hit “Start” to begin the draw phase of the game. You can also hit “Lucky Dip” instead of “Start” to let the computer choose selections for you. Once 20 balls have been randomly drawn, your prize will be determined by how many drawn balls matched your selections and how much your stake was.

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Where to start

Start collecting Bitcoins in Keno Vegas at Nitrogen Casino. But first, you need to have a Nitrogen Sports account, which you can create for free and faster than a couple of draws at Keno Vegas. Create yours now and enjoy all our offerings at Nitrogen Casino. Also check out our Casino Guide.

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