Featured Nitrogen Casino Game: Gold n’ Gems

Featured Game Gold n Gems

There’s nothing more exhilarating than discovering a treasure hoard filled with riches to last you multiple lifetimes. At Gold n’ Gems, seemingly bottomless amounts of wealth are just waiting to be discovered by only the most adventurous reel-spinners such as yourself.

Find out more about Nitrogen Casino’s most unique online slot theme to date that will surely have you back in the digital mines for hours on end. And for all the latest news and updates in the world of sports, be sure to check out other articles here at Nitrogen Sports Blog as well.

Why should you play it?

To say that Gold n’ Gems has a truly distinct theme would be an understatement.

Gold n’ Gems actually has three game options: one standard 5×5 reel with 20 fixed pay lines, a single-reel slot option with two different modes. In addition, each game mode awards players with progression points towards a bonus game for even more ways to win huge, and with three different reel layouts to choose from at that!
Gold 'n Gems Five Reel Win

How to play?

Ready your pickaxe of preparation by setting your preferred bet amount and coin value first and foremost before delving into Gold n Gems’ caverns.

Players are awarded free spins whenever three icons are matched on the middle row payline. The reels also have Wild icons, and these Wild icons could multiply the winning value from x2 up to x3, and matching more than one Wild on a payline will stack the multiplier value up to as much as x9.

In the 5×5-reel game mode, there are unique blue-crystal and gold-nugget icons that when matched, will go towards the player’s progression in triggering the bonus game. During the bonus game, the player will spin the bonus wheel for a chance to enter the Gold Rush, Super Super Gold Rush and Mega Gold Rush rounds. During these three rounds, players will then get to select a prize, with each prize differing in value depending on the Gold Rush mode on the bonus wheel.


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Where to start

Create your account here to start winning Bitcoins from Gold n’ Gems at Nitrogen Casino this instant. And for more helpful betting tips, check out our casino guide right after this.

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