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Without a doubt, Blackjack is one of the most celebrated casino games since it was made a fixture on live casino floors. And with Blackjack Tournament – Nitrogen Casino’s most interactive version of the classic card game to date – you can now do battle against not just the dealer, but fellow blackjack players in the same virtual room with you as well.

Read on for a quick refresher on how to play blackjack, and how the Blackjack Tournament provides even more thrills and chances to win Bitcoin in a social tournament setting. Afterwards, head over to our Nitrogen Sports Blog to catch up on all the latest news and developments in the world of sports.

Why should you play Blackjack Tournaments?

First off, Blackjack Tournament has all the features you’d expect from a typical online blackjack game, and its own sleek interface adds even more presentation value on top of its unique features.

Speaking of which, what makes Blackjack Tournament unique is that players can join scheduled tournaments wherein a set number of players will vie for chip-lead supremacy within a certain time limit. The player(s) with the highest total winnings on the leaderboard within the given timeframe will receive prizes.
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Not only that, but there are tournament categories to choose from to suit your playstyle. Blackjack Tournament will always have an event ready to cater to your strengths. It has limited and no-limit tourneys which may come with different prize pools. And similar to poker, there are also different variations of the same game like Freezeout (one entry only) or Re-buy (unlimited or a set number) events. Players also start with the same amount of tournament chips (or starting money/starting stack) in any Blackjack Tournament.

How to play Blackjack?

The goal of Blackjack is simple: get to as close to the value of 21 without going over that limit and having a higher number than the house as well.

Each player will be dealt two cards, and the dealer will deal two cards to himself for the house’s hand as well, with one of those cards placed face up to give the player(s) on the table an idea of what they’re working against in a given round of Blackjack.

Face cards (Jacks, Queens, Kings) have a default numerical value of 10 in blackjack. Meanwhile, Aces are valued as either a 1 or an 11.

Depending on the situation of your current hand, Aces can be used as a quick and easy way to hit the blackjack (hand value of 21) in an opening hand by simply pairing it with a 10-card or a face card. Otherwise, Aces can also be lessened in value down to 1 should the player go over 21 – otherwise known as going bust – if the Ace was to be used with 11 as its initial value. This allows the player to play the odds of whether or not their hand can still hit (draw a card) without going bust while still having a better hand than the house.

How to play Blackjack Tournaments?

With that in mind, here’s how a typical Blackjack Tournament works.
Every player entering a tournament buys in and gets their starting money in the form of tournament chips. A start and an end time will be specified prior to a tournament and only the hands played during the duration will count towards your chip count in the tourney.

Aside from beating the dealer’s hand, another main goal for Blackjack Tournament players is to advance to the succeeding rounds (if the tournament involves multiple rounds), which can be done by making the cut based on the positions of players in the Blackjack Tournament leaderboard. As mentioned earlier, the top player(s) at the conclusion of the tournament will be awarded prizes, with higher-ranked players pocketing the lion’s share of the prize pool.

There are also single round Blackjack Tournaments where the main goal is to simply be on the top or among the top in the leaderboard. The payout for these tournaments varies with some tourneys paying 5% to 10% of the field (top-heavy payouts) and others paying 30% to 50% of the field.

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