Featured Nitrogen Casino Game: Area 51 Slots

Nitrogen Casino Area 51

Nevada will forever be known for its glamorous casino strips over in Vegas and Reno. However, the mysteries veiled around the state’s famed Area 51 have yet to be uncovered… until now.
As we at Nitrogen Sports Blog have found out, the government is hiding Area 51’s secrets from the general public, not because of the threat of extraterrestrial life, but rather, the great fortunes to be won from this one-of-a-kind online slot. Make those beings from outer space envy your very own progress at winning time and again from these Bitcoin-loving reels.

These foreign entities have also taken interest in our live sporting events as we speak. Head on over to Nitrogen Casino to show these intruders how to properly beat the oddsmakers and win just as much as you would from their online casino counterparts.

Why should you play it?

If you’ve always wanted to hunt aliens and cash in on the huge bounties placed on their heads, then this is the online slot for you. Join our team of four other mercenaries as you track down those elusive targets with a bevy of advanced firearms that will fry any creatures in sight into smithereens. This five-by-five-reel slot has over 3,000 possible winning outcomes to make sure that you get the job done right and return with a bountiful haul for your services.

How to play Area 51 online slots?

Alien hunting requires the utmost preparation, so don’t forget to set your preferred bet amount and coin value. After which, it’s time to roll your team out to action.

Be on the lookout for free-spin UFO icons on your journey first and foremost. Three free-spin icons stopped anywhere on the reels will award 10 free spins, while four free-spin icons will grant you 20 free spins and five will award 25 free spins.

Bonus symbols will then appear on reel 5 during free-spin attempts, and each hit on those bonus symbols will reward you with even more loot. To trigger the bonus game, you must have three bonus symbols stop on reels 1, 3, and 5. A gun barrel will then be spun to determine the number of shots you have in the bonus round, ranging between three and eight shot attempts. Those shots can then be fired to those vile alien lifeforms, who will each payout from x1 to x25 of your original bet amount.

Seek the help of the friendly green alien icon on your journey as well. This fella will serve as the reel’s wild card icon and will assist you in taking down his own kind.


Get back into the game and regain your footing on the poker table!



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Where to start

There’s no need to fear any such alien probing devices from us; create your free account to start winning Bitcoins from Area 51 at Nitrogen Casino. And for more helpful betting tips, check out our casino guide right after this.

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