The Future of Online Casinos

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Local entertainment venues are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Where once we went to the movies, now we watch Netflix. Where once we attended a baseball game, now we track online stats while watching multiple different feeds, and where once we went to casinos, now we can stay at home and play pretty much any game on our phone. Payment systems have also evolved. Now you can mix the concept of an online casino with Bitcoin and have a great way to verify fairness, cashout quickly, and keep your winnings ultra-secure.

In this casino guide by Nitrogen Sports Blog, we break down the benefits of playing in online casinos with Bitcoin.

The advantages of playing online casinos

For starters, it’s cheaper since there’s no need to travel. As much as it’s fun to have a night out at a casino, sometimes you don’t want to spend all that effort and time to just enjoy your favorite casino games.


This is one of the reasons as to why millions of players from all over the world play casino online. All you need is a device hooked up to an internet connection.

Low betting limits

You have more control when playing online casino, thanks to a wider range of betting limits compared to conventional casinos.

At Nitrogen, you can deposit for as low as 0.0001 BTC (~64 cents at time of writing). You have the option to start small and bet more at your discretion. You decide on how you want to play, when you want to play, and for how long with no pressure at all.


The majority of players prefer more privacy, and online is the best platform. Details required to play is at a minimum (Nitrogen is particularly good at this) and you don’t have to worry about bumping into familiar faces.

All your focus can be spent playing the games you love, such as Online Casino Craps. You can hop from game to game with just a few clicks, and once you score that jackpot win, all of your earnings go straight to your account, and gets secured even further with the use of Bitcoin technology.

Why play online casino games with bitcoin?

Bitcoin was created in 2008 and has shown growth and potential since.

Cryptocurrency is slowly being considered as the best form of payment online and many have invested in Bitcoin thanks to its appealing features that makes every payment process convenient.

It’s the perfect pair for online casinos to provide players with the added security and privacy they need when performing transactions.

Complete anonymity

There are very few identifying features to a Bitcoin transaction. Few details that could reveal your identity.

Every Bitcoin transaction requires 2 addresses; one to the person receiving Bitcoin, and another to the person sending it. Your earnings aren’t going through a bank for processing or verification, keeping both sides anonymous at all times.

Lightning-fast transactions

It’s natural to get anxious when handling a ton of money, especially when you find yourself in a big payout scenario. With Bitcoin, you deposit, win big, then simply withdraw your earnings in minutes, hassle-free.

Also, Bitcoin allows you to put all your focus on the games at hand and nothing else. Your money is secured via the Bitcoin blockchain network, and transactions take minutes, not days unlike other platforms.

No waiting is needed to have access with your earnings. Fees are also vastly different with Bitcoin, and are low compared to other fees found with banks and credit cards.

There are a few things you have to get used to when dealing with Bitcoin for the first time though. When you play casino online through Bitcoin, you’ll have to get used to Bitcoin values. Always confirm the amount since you’ll be dealing with decimal figures. The difference is quite large if let’s say you compare 0.0005 BTC (~$3) to 0.005 BTC (~$33).

The importance of Provably Fair

It’s understandable if you’ve never heard of Provably Fair, or even consider it a typo, as ‘provably’ is kind of a pseudo-word. But Provably Fair is designed as a cryptographic function that keeps all casino games completely fair.

This system gives players the ability to use a ‘trustless’ system to ensure the validity of their casino rolls, hands or spins. Much like the ‘trustless’ nature of the Bitcoin network, Provably Fair replies on mathematical principles instilled within cryptographic hash functions to confirm validity.

It allows players to set their own seed, (a random string of characters at the player’s choosing), input both the player and the host seed, then confirm it using a SHA-256 algorithm.

It may sound complex and in reality, Provably Fair absolutely is — but randomizing outcomes that allows for no clear advantage to either side should in fact be complex.

The reality of the matter is, this is the type of technology that should be commonplace in every modern online casino. There is absolutely no excuse for a Bitcoin casino not to have it.

At Nitrogen Sports, we verify all of our casino games with Provably Fair, and it forms one of the pillars to the trust we’ve built with our players over the years.

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