Here’s How to Unlock Your Account

Unlock Your Account

Nitrogen Sports aims to provide the best user experience to our players. That is why we are always prepared to address any concerns, one of which is how a player can regain access of a locked Nitro account.

Losing access of a Nitro account can be frustrating, but here’s the good news: there are concrete steps you can take to get your account up and running.

For starters, there are only three ways to access your Nitrogen Account:

  • Login through your unique account link.
  • A username and password that you’ve linked to your account.
  • A username and password, together with Two-Factor Authentication.

We highly recommend that all Nitrogen players activate their Two-Factor Authentication for better security. For one, it is now a requirement in making a withdrawal from their Nitrogen account.

The most common issues preventing players from accessing their account are:

  • Forgetting their username or password.
  • Two-Factor Authentication issues preventing account access.

Once you’ve tried all necessary steps on your end to regain access to your account and the issue persists,we advise that you contact our technical team by sending an email to [email protected]. In the message, please include the following details for a faster resolution of your concern:

  • Your account (Satoshi) number.
  • Your username if you have one – note that this may be different than your name in the chat.
  • The bitcoin wallet address to which you sent your deposit.

Once everything checks out, support will provide you with all the details you need to gain access to your account, like a password reset link if you’ve forgotten your password.

Sending us a detailed email about your issue is the best way to regain access to your Nitrogen account.

Need help with specific issues or need a guide on sports/esports betting? Nitrogen Sports Blog is filled with details to help our players.

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