Steer Clear Of Phishing Attempts In Nitrogen Chat Promoting Fake Promos, Asking For Deposits


We have recently observed a dubious activity in our Nitro Poker Chat by a user posing as a Nitrogen Sports moderator, asking for fellow players to join a promo and deposit to a particular bitcoin wallet address. Please be aware that these are unsanctioned Nitrogen Sports activities whose main goal is to phish sensitive information and bitcoin from you, our players. 

How to know if someone is posing as a Nitrogen Sports representative on Nitro Chat platforms?

To make things clear, Nitrogen Sports will never ever ask anyone to make deposits via Nitro Chat platforms. Nitrogen Sports also does not put bitcoin wallets or any such items publicly in any medium within or outside of Nitrogen Sports channels, including our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. 

Moreover, Nitrogen Sports representatives will only contact players with regards to deposits, and transactions through our official customer service ticketing system. Other means to contact you must be met with caution.

Unofficial channels will likely appear in the future, so be sure to always be on guard with your account information. If you encounter unofficial accounts or questionable interactions, don’t hesitate to contact our support team via [email protected] or submit a ticket through our website.



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