Common Questions About Instant Deposits

    April 24, 2014 | Bitcoin Bitcoin Deposit

    When you place your bets with Nitrogen Sports, we promise instant deposits and withdrawals. But what if you don’t see a deposit in your account?

    Nitrogen is notified of your Bitcoin deposit once the transaction has been broadcast to the bitcoin network. If you are using the desktop Bitcoin QT client – this happens in a matter of seconds. A lot of popular online wallet services, however, will send out their transactions in batches to save on transaction fees. This means that your transaction will sit in a queue for a few minutes (sometimes longer) before it is actually sent out.

    If you’re stuck waiting, it’s easy to verify what’s happening! Check the status of your deposit at You can search by your transaction ID, your personal wallet address, or your Nitrogen wallet address:

    If you don’t see the transaction there, you’re either waiting for your service to send the coins, or for the blockchain to receive the transaction. Once your transaction is received, it’s instantly deposited in your account.

    If you see your transaction in the blockchain but not in your Nitrogen Sports account, it’s time to fill out a support ticket! Please note in the ticket that you’ve confirmed your transaction has hit the blockchain and we’d be happy to look into the issue!

    Want to learn more about Bitcoin? Browse through our quick and in-depth guides here at Nitrogen Sports Blog.

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