Nitrogen and Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash

To our current and future players,

Many of you are aware that the Bitcoin network forked on August 1st, 2017. As a result, a new coin was created which became known as ‘Bitcoin Cash’, or BCH for short. To prepare for the fork, Nitrogen Sports temporarily paused all withdrawals and deposits for a time before and after the fork.

Since August 1st, some players have asked specific questions regarding Nitrogen’s plans for BCH. This statement is meant to help clarify where Nitrogen stands on the issue and what our players can expect in the months ahead.

First, Nitrogen Sports does not immediately intend to support Bitcoin Cash. The decision was made after careful consideration about the environment in which the fork happened, and the less-than-clear path to Bitcoin-scale adoption that BCH faces in the months ahead. Our position on Bitcoin Cash also means that Nitrogen will not immediately optimize, transfer or benefit from any BCH that became theoretically available to account balances at the time of the fork.

That being said, Nitrogen took the initiative to log a static record of each and every account balance after deposits and withdraws were paused on August 1st. This information is important in the event that Nitrogen integrates BCH. We want our players to know that when Nitrogen decides to integrate Bitcoin Cash, balances at the time of the fork will be honored in full. We are currently evaluating the timeline for integration.

We are able to stand by our statement because of the measures we took before and during the fork to inform and protect our players.

Before the fork, we provided sufficient notice that withdrawals would be paused. This should have given each player the appropriate time to move their funds off-platform and into whichever storage solution they deemed appropriate. And as mentioned, during the fork, Nitrogen logged a static record of all balances, taking extra care to plan for any eventuality.

Forks happen from time-to-time on the Bitcoin network. Nitrogen’s specific concern will always focus on account security first, before hype and speculation surrounding newly introduced features or ‘alt-coins’. We feel this is the best way to protect our players’ best interests.

Thank you for your patience regarding this matter.

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Nitrogen Sports.

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