Get Your Free Withdrawal Every 6 Days

Free Withdrawal Policy

New changes to Nitrogen’s withdrawal policy allows players to withdraw for free every 6 days.

From 14 days, down to 6.

We are amending our withdrawal policy to allow for more flexibility and cheaper movement of Bitcoin between player accounts and their BTC wallets. Effective immediately, players are allowed 1 free withdrawal every 6 days, as opposed to an earlier policy which allowed for one free withdrawal every 14 days.

This is largely due to sustained lower fees on the Bitcoin network, which we hope will continue into the long term. The original policy was put in place during a tumultuous period of fee fluctuation, which saw per-transaction fees approach $100 USD in some cases. With lower fees, players should once again have more flexibility to withdraw for free. Players are still able to withdraw unlimited times per 6 days, but with a Bitcoin network fee after the first withdrawal.

As always, we reserve the right to interpret Bitcoin fee structure dynamically and implement changes to our policies as we deem necessary.

Withdrawal Rules


  • Players have 1 free withdrawal every 6 days (given 0.005 BTC deposit histories).
  • After the 1 free withdrawal, players will pay transaction fees closer to direct market value. As of March 27th, 2018, the transaction fee is reduced to 0.0001 BTC (time of publish, $0.86 USD).
  • Once a withdrawal is approved by Nitrogen, it will show as ‘Approved/Sent’ on the cashier page for at most, 60 minutes. Once a withdrawal is shown as ‘Approved/Sent’, players will no longer be able to cancel a withdrawal request. Your transaction should then be finalized and tracked on the Blockchain.

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