Note To Our Players Concerning The Bitcoin Network

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We’re sure many of you are aware of the recent conversation in the Bitcoin community regarding improvement protocols and finding a technical solution to network congestion.

Technical changes on this scale add the risk of temporary instability to the network, and Nitrogen Sports needs to take this into account as we look to protect our players during this period.

(Update: Jul. 27) – Ahead of the August 1st split event, Nitrogen is proactively taking the following temporary measures to protect its players:

Jul. 30 @ 08:00 EST – All withdrawals will be stopped. Any withdrawals made before the cutoff time will be processed normally.

Aug. 1 @ 04:00 EST – All deposits will be stopped. Any deposits made before the cutoff time will clear after 1 or more confirmation.

Aug. 1 @ 06:00 EST – 3 Card Poker, Baccarat, and Poker will be unavailable to all players for a short time.

Aug. 1 @ 12:00 EST – Assuming network stability, deposits will be reactivated.

Aug. 1 @ 17:00 EST – Assuming network stability, withdrawals will be reactivated.

Once again, the primary purpose of enacting this chain of events is to protect our players’ balances. Nitrogen holds no stake in the outcome of any possible BTC split, and we will judge said outcome at our sole discretion to ensure the ultimate security of our network.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Nitrogen Sports

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